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Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee is dedicated to helping our community maintain its beautiful aesthetic appearance. We provide our homeowners with guidelines and regulations to ensure that our neighborhood remains uniform and consistent. We also provide our homeowners with information on home improvements, landscaping, and changes to the exterior of their homes. Our goal is to maintain a safe and harmonious environment. We are here to help our homeowners make the most of their homes and to ensure that our neighborhood remains a place of beauty and pride.



The Firewise committee is dedicated to helping local homeowners protect their homes and property from the danger of wildfires. We provide support to the community through educational workshops and resources to help reduce the risk of wildfire. Our team is experienced in various aspects of wildfire mitigation, including wildland fire interface, fire potential, and grants. Through our collective knowledge, we strive to help the community become more firewise and better prepared for any potential wildfire.


Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is a group of volunteer homeowners who work together to solicit and review nominations for the 5-member Board that oversees our Homeowners Association. The Board is elected by the general membership and has a three-year tenure. 


The Nomination Committee is dedicated to finding the best possible candidates for the Board, and our mission is to ensure that the Board is an effective and representative body that will serve the best interests of the community. We invite all homeowners who are interested in getting involved to submit their nominations and to participate in our Board elections.

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